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August 13, 2006 Update
  Students are coming on August 28th! The time is rapidly approaching. Click the Read More link below to find out the latest news, prayer requests, praises, and challenges in this exciting journey to the first Foundations Ministries session.

Dear Foundational People (people who are making Foundations possible),

I promised you last time that this prayer update would involve actual young adults seeking discipleship to Jesus through Foundations. In other words, the ones we're ministering TO. Well, we now have 8* (see below) of our 5-6 spots filled, with three more interested. Six guys (3 to a cabin) and 2 gals. We may add one more gal*.

Two weeks ago, Paul, a faithful Bible study member for years, a good friend, and a new Creation in Christ with an amazing testimony (II Corinthians 5:17), called from Southern California where he has been attending Calvary Chapel Bible College. He told me that he felt God leading him to come join us as our handyman. He had visited the property a few days before while in town for a wedding. I didn't have conflicting emotions about his coming next year, at the end of his program, but Paul wanted to come now. Even though Paul would be a TREMENDOUS handyman, going to Bible College was a huge leap of faith for him, and I “knew” that's where he belonged. I had always told him that we would love to have him...once he finished his schooling there. But Paul said he was increasingly sure God was leading him here to help us get started, he had spoken with some of his professors and mentors there and they had supported his idea, and so now he wanted me to pray with him. So I spent a day in prayer. It was a great day Hanging out with God turns out to be a delightful way to...live. To my surprise, I felt (standard I'm imperfect at hearing from God ) Him letting me know that either decision would be fine for Paul, but that Paul needs to learn to seek God and listen for His direction. So...we're getting a handyman Paul will be doing the program, Bible studies, etc., but will devote more of his time to working on the property. He’ll be our hybrid Guinea Pig/Handyman.

*Three young people, Tommy, Ben, and Crystal, are still making their final decisions. Please pray that God would give them wisdom.

Now I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Look, you can decide for yourself:

BAD NEWS: I reported in an earlier letter that the PUD might be able to donate our power. This was a great idea that was, unfortunately, illegal. The PUD cannot donate to non-profits (or anyone else) because they are a government entity and would appear to be playing favorites. This puts us back to coming up with $12,525 ($10,000 was just getting the power the property, not yet attached anywhere), which, by faith, we are going to do in these next two weeks. Well, the payment plan is over 3 months, so our faith gets a longer span to stretch. Did I mention I'd like you to pray?

GOOD NEWS: The Cabin Teams I mentioned at the end of last letter are going GANGBUSTERS Three teams of wonderful, somewhat competitive volunteers are cranking away on renovating the three student cabins. We named it The Adopt-A-Cabin program, but it's playing out a little more like My cabin's better than yooour cabin (you remember the tune). No, I am not taking a pastorly stance against this. Seriously, though, I am blown away by how these groups have jumped in, come up with design plans, and started in with new windows, doors, insulation, drywall, flooring, etc. We're especially grateful to Ed Phinney, who has come to the property with his family for almost two weeks straight to wire the cabins Deadline for the cabin teams is August 27th (since the students move in August 28th).

GOOD NEWS II: We have a deck It's true; the meeting hall/libary/office now has a 12x24 foot deck I'm not kidding. The buy-a-board program (in which individuals each buy one or more trex board to raise the money for materials) was a smashing success; Lowe's gave us a terrific, below-cost price on materials and a team came up and laid the footings on Saturday and built the frame and laid the boards on Sunday. It materialized before my eyes. So we now have twice as much space for Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship times, etc., and the option of sitting outside where it may be much cooler.

GOOD NEWS III(gotta love summer sequels): Fred, one of the young contractors who has grabbed the vision of Foundations, took it upon himself to find us a good deal on building materials for the cabin project. Marson and Marson Lumber, a local building supply company, called him back and said they would give us a tab for all the materials, BOTH for the cabins and for the kitchen (a much bigger project), and at the end decide what they could *donate* and give us the rest at cost They are saving us thousands of dollars

If I seem extravagant in my use of exclamatory sentences, it's because I'm trying to express HIGH VOLUME (You're probably glad you're reading this, not hearing it.) But I'm not done yet--

GOOD NEWS IV: Our neighbors, Margee and Skip, whom I mentioned last time (she works in County Health and was helping me navigate that maze) have become quick friends and allies in getting Foundations started We need neighbors to approve (or at least not complain about) the conditional-use permit we are seeking; Skip offered to write a letter voicing his support Margee is helping me figure out what we need for permits, water, etc, and Skip, who works for an excavation company, offered to help us with our big machinery and excavation needs--which are many They, like Fred Bull and Ed Phinney, fall under our abundantly more than you can ask or imagine category


*We asked for prayers about the well. They were answered. The drilling company strongly encouraged us to install two 1,200 gallon holding tanks fed by our well instead of drilling for more water. 1)Drilling is a risk, our property is surrounded by either very deep wells or very deep dry wells, and we could easily spend $4,000 dollars and still end up having to do this, 2)We won't need any environmental permits to put in holding tanks, while we would for drilling, 3)the existing dry well, which we'd planned all along to drill deeper, has a layer of water-absorbing clay which, according to the drilling company, bodes very poorly for finding more water (although no one really knows for certain except God). So...putting in these tanks will cost about $4,000. Not cheap, but at least we're not gambling. People who understand these things assure me that this will not cause our well to run dry, since it will still be filling at the pace it always has; the only difference is where the water goes.

*POWER (Sorry, now I'm shouting all the time. You wouldn't believe how much trouble I got into in grade school for this loud voice.) This is the big one. Big in terms of effort and big in terms of price tag (see above, Bad News ). We are going ahead and trusting that God is providing the money. We have to dig a 1,600 foot trench 36 deep, then get the power routed to the cabins. But wait, this brings me to--

GOOD NEWS V: Dennis Baker, a carpenter/electrician/engineer guy offered to help with the electrical installation once we have power run to the property. In real terms, that will probably save us around $4,000. I'd have to call that an answer to prayer AND Star Rentals, once again thanks to Fred, agreed to donate the trenching tractor (to the tune of $150-200/day) for the time we use it to dig the trench (They also donated equipment rental for builing the deck ) Man, is Jesus cool or what? I have to say, the response we've gotten from the Construction Community in Wenatchee has overwhelmed me. Virtually everyone we've asked has generously blessed us. Please ask God to bless those folks right back, many times over.

*Facilities: The students arrive August 28th. Yup, the 28th of this month. We need to have a kitchen and shower in place by then. My wife Kim's brilliant idea is to get a travel trailer with these facilities until we have the kitchen built (that's the next prayer request). We're now looking to buy a used and working one, hopefully for under $2,000. Please pray and if you have any leads for us, let us know.

*Kitchen/Shower room/Dining Hall (deja vu, huh?): Marsons' generosity makes this project possible . We need to come up with a building plan (we have an architect willing to help) and then get a county permit for this brand new building, then gather the people, machinery, and materials to Get R Done We're hoping for a blitz build over a couple weekends in September-October, but this will depend on those first dominoes falling.

*Teachers. We'll have a rotation of teachers for the weekly studies, with a new teacher each week. I recently found out a few of the teachers I'd hoped for can't come, so I'm working to replace them--and if I can't, I'll just have to teach more. Please pray for God to lead us to the right people in a timely manner. ;-)

Okay...now take a deep breath with me...and consider that everything I just described to you happened in the past two weeks.

Students begin Session One of Foundations Ministries (the great Guinea Pig Adventure) August 28th, 17 days from now.

*So please pray for Kim and me. We are having a blast Truly. Watching God work all around us through all these people is breathtaking. And we have SOOO much more to do before the students arrive. I see now some ways we could have gone about this differently, but as Treasurer Bob said this morning, Next time you start this ministry, you'll know how to do it better. We really need God to provide the finances for the big projects at hand and the energy to keep on until we get there. Plus, a little time here and there to stop and breathe and get recharged (and the wisdom to take that time).

Thanks, Blessed People who are blessing us May you know God's LOVE and JOY in ABUNDANCE!

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